Do it afraid

Written by Amy | 2 Comments

Last night’s Converstion was meaningful. Many voices and hearts were heard. We also have a new slogan, possible mantra, something to be aware of…DO IT AFRAID!!!!!!!

Tell us how this plays out in your life…

Like how and what you are afraid of… Jodi and I doing this blog, and we are doing it anyway.


  1. jodi

    I could not agree more with my dear sister Patricia. thusday nights gathering was meaningful and inspiring for me. I continue to realize the importance and gifts of each of our unigue voices. Thanks to all of your voices and to our new mantra. DO It Afraid. BRAVO, i am getting the hang of this bog stuff

  2. Camille DiNicola

    Please add me to your Conversation Cafe mailing list. Thank you. Camille