Welcome to the new site!

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Tazza D’Oro opened on June 23, 1999 in the midst of a gazillion zoning hearings. Hundreds of community neighbors and leaders showed up at numerous hearings in support of a neighborhood cafe and espresso bar. We also held at least another half dozen community meetings so that people could understand our vision for the business and the neighborhood. The energy and enthusiasm from our friends was incredible. That experience solidified our business intentions – the passions of our entrepreneurial venture would focus on excellent coffee and espresso, a decent place to work, great service and community. Our focus has not changed, but we are always seeking new ways to stay connected to our customers and be involved in the community. So, we are starting an Espresso Bar Blog.

Our goal with the Tazza D’Oro blog is to keep the communication and connection between all the folks who participate in our Bike group, Conversation Cafe, Tazza D’Oro News, Tuesday Night Walkers, and Grass Roots Politics. Hopefully, the blog will allow others to join in too. We want your comments and your participation. Check it out.

Thank you to Ilya Goldin and Staycee Walters for making this happen and doing such a great job. They have been awesome to work with. Ilya provided all the technical/programming support while Staycee provided the graphics and “look” of the site. What do you think?

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

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