What do coffee and football have in common?

Written by Amy | 4 Comments

The answer is Tazza D’Oro. On Sunday, Oct. 1st join us for our 1st annual flag football game. We will meet at…

5pm in the park near the fountain. It will be the Tazza D’Oro staff against the customers. Monday morning bragging rights are on the line! Immediately following the game there will be a cookout at Tazza D’Oro with good food, music and an (really small) urban bon fire. If you don’t play football we need cheerleaders and half-time performers. So, load up on caffeine, get on your game face and meet us at the park for a really good time.


  1. jodi

    I can’t wait to push around the staff. I just hope we can all walk the nest day and that the customers play better that the steelers. It will be great fun

  2. petunia

    oh no you din’t, jodi! your face in going in the mud, girl! xoxo

  3. jodi

    Only if you can catch me miss petunia!!!!!!

  4. petunia

    maybe I’ll put some laxative in your coffee, miss jodi. that would slow you down!