Coffee, Road Trip.

Written by Amy | 2 Comments

On November 1st I will be headed out to Olympia, WA. to visit our coffee roaster, Batdorf and Bronson. For two intensive days I will be working with all the great folks at the roasting plant, learning all the new techniques and little nuisances that will continue to allow us to serve you the best coffee in Pittsburgh.

Also, as part of the trip, I will be learning about a Barista Certification Program that Batdorf and Bronson is instituting with their the baristas. The plan is to have a member of their training group come to Pittsburgh in January 2007. The Tazza D’Oro baristas will go through a day of education and technique refresher. Two or three of our baristas will be chosen to complete the Barista Certification.

So, why are we so excited about this opportunity? First, we are as passionate about our coffee as we are about all the amazing “things” that happen at Tazza D’Oro. Also, any Tazza D’Oro employee who completes the certification will enhance thier skills and knowledge in a high growth, 11 billion industry which continues to provide an important community link to our culture and to cultures around the world. Frankly, I do not see working in an espresso bar as a dead end job. Many opportunities exist in the industry that includes: management, international trade, sustainable agriculture, marketing, entrepreneurship, travel. Hopefully, Tazza D’Oro could provide a stepping stone for our baristas to explore many career opportunities and well-paying jobs in the coffee industry.

Check in on our web site because I will be posting my experiences and pictures of my time in the awesome Northwest.


  1. irina

    great idea–certification!

    I’ve enjoyed watching America become acquainted to good coffee and espresso over the last 2 decades. But by the same token, as every coffee shop claims to offer capuccino it is clear that sometimes the only thing that one gets is the much higher price. I’ve been given large cups of coffee when asking for a macchiato–the idea being that big is always better, and other such. My own fantasy of local certification would be to send every barrista to La Prima Espresso in the Strip for a week’s apprenticeship. To me that’s the closest to an Italian cafe where the espressos are always good , never bitter, and you drink standing up.

  2. carol

    Hey, Amy Have a great trip. You know how much I love Seattle! I support the barista training. I think it is an excellent idea which will only improve your service. Certification will add pride and professionalism to those who obtain it.