Tazza D'Oro Flag Football

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Team Tazza D’Oro warming up with Tai Cai? Obviously, we needed to drink more espresso!


Team Cusotmers trying to look tough before kickoff? Obviously, they needed to drink more Tazza DOro espresso!


Or you can decide for yourselves by watching the official Tazza DOro Flag Football video.
Thank you Rudy, for creating an archive of our community events.


  1. Rudy

    This was a fun event–although I was only there to do the video then benefit from the cookout afterward :)

    This “Tai Chai” sounds interesting… Any plans for Enrico’s Chai Emporium to open soon? :)

  2. Petunia

    I’ll start working on the business plan for the “Chai Emporium”, Rudy. Will you run the place for us?

  3. Rudy

    I don’t think I can run the place but I’ll volunteer as your quality control agent–free chai for me :)