VOTE – November 7th

Written by Amy | 2 Comments

Everyday I shake my head about what’s happening in our communities, cities, states and the world. But mostly I shake my head after every election and see that less than half of our population actually votes! Are we too comfortable? Could you imagine if we all spoke to our leadership through our right to vote? Could you imagine if we spoke everyday by how we spend our dollar. Please read the article about Pat Tillman and vote on November 7th – it is your right to be heard regardless of your politics.

So, if you vote on November 7th, bring your voting stub to Tazza D’Oro and we will give you a free treat for being such a good citizen!


  1. Francine Porter

    Amy – NICE incentive to get people out to rock the vote. Codepink is participating in the national Vote for Peace program. Really pushing candidates that support a withdraw from Iraq. We are trying to organize groups of women to stand in downtown on Nov 6 holding pink signs reading VOTE FOR PEACE. We have to make these politicians accountable – they are supposed to be the voice of the people. Thanks for all your efforts. Peace Francine

  2. Lee Fogarty

    Amy – thanks for offering this incentive. It is so essential that people vote so that we can change the direction our country is takin – and get rid of Santorum..Could Francine let us know what they are doing with the pink signs downtown? Others of us might be able to join them. Lee