Deserving Young Woman Of Conversation Cafe

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Meet Jena Bloomer

This is one of those crownings to be celebrated! It was her surprise at being voted princess that makes it so authentically about who Jena is versus what she looks like. In fact, she was running late for the dance because she was teaching herself how to apply mascara for the first time. Jena is the creator of the Conversation Cafe for Women logo, cups with the lips. Jena is totally into Conversation Cafe and asked that we do weekends so she and her friends could come.

Jena is bright and very grounded in who she is as a young woman. She plans to help end obesity in children as her life’s work. In the age of appearances being so highly valued it is wonderful to know that not only high school junior boys vote not only for beauty, but a classmate that is true to herself, a progressive thinker, and the kind of person who knows how to be a true friend. Jena makes us hopeful for the future of women.

Congratulations, Jena!!! We all celebrate your crowning. A Tazza D’Oro First.


  1. Kathy Miller

    I look forward to reading about Jena’s work in the future. You must be so proud of her, Patricia.