November 30th Conversation Cafe

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Hi Conversation Cafe Women

Patricia and I missed those of you that could not make it on November 16th.  We had a meaningful and heartfelt conversation about Living fully in your Yes’s and No’s.  Our next CCW will be on Thursday November 30th from 7-9pm.  The topic for sharing and conversation will be”Making Room for the New as you Let Go of the Old.”  We look forward to being with all of you on the 30th.   


  1. Kathy Miller

    I’d like to hear what was said about this topic. Could some of you who were present share? I’m thinking that one issue is that women are often not taken seriously, in particular, when they say “No!”. (So offensive.)Another issue is that when women expect to not be taken seriously, how do we adjust our communications to be heard? Another is that often we can’t really say “No!” without an unfair penalty so we obfuscate and what effect does that have on us? Another is that as mothers focused on family and child welfare, women who have put their own personal “Yesses!” on hold, it is truly difficult and scarey to try to resuscitate our “Yesses,” which I see as desires, possibly forgotten or outgrown. Am I talking about what any of you talked about??? If not, what did you talk about, think out loud about, debate?

  2. Kathy Miller

    I arrived too late last night to be engaged in the Guided Imagery/ Meditation. From all who shared I felt once again its power to unlock secrets and release powers we are not aware of. Thank you all for sharing about letting go, how painful it is, how necessary for overall health it is, and some individual choices for how to do it.

    My Wise Woman is always present though, despite my inattention or attempts to ignore her. So my connection with what I heard/felt/saw was to a quoteI’ve been struggling to understand and which I mentioned last night. I like it because it suggests that new outcomes will not evolve if habits/ patterns of behaving, feeling and thinking don’t change. Some of you seemed to like it, too, so here it is again.

    “Always make new mistakes”: Esther Dyson
    Who is Esther Dyson? She is a business leader, an IT maven and to some, the First Lady of Cyberspace.

    Amy, Can we make the firepit an ongoing wrap up to the CCW evenings? It had such inviting warmth and restorative comfort. It might be just the ritual we need at the end of a long month apart.

  3. jodi


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings about last week’s CCW. I love the quote and have held it close to my wise women. It has helped me come to an important truth in my present life and I have been able to take some action. In the letting go proces, held in energy full of potential can be released and used for changes in thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviors and spiritual connections. I appriciated everyone taking their own personal risk in letting go and allowing me to witness their experience. The room and circle was full of life and riches. I too loved the fire.

  4. Nanette

    I also loved the fire. Nov. 30 was my first Conversation Cafe. When I arrived I was distracted because on my way to Highland Park from the depths of Mt. Lebanon, I took an ill-advised shortcut through an iffy neighborhood and my car was pelted with rocks by a group of what looked like children. So I was shaken and feeling like perhaps I should have stayed home in my comfort zone.

    Despite the damage to my car, I am more than glad that I ventured out. I felt a wonderful connection to the room full of women. And enjoyed letting go of some of my baggage and watching it go up in smoke.

    Thank you, Amy, and thank you, Patricia and Jodi!

  5. Amy

    I am always amazed how much each Conversation Cafe touches my life. Plus, I think things like the fire happen organically because each connection brings us closer to ourselves and to all the women in the room – then magic happens!!! Sound familiar?