One Less Car – PLEASE!!!

Written by Amy | 4 Comments

Ride your bike, get involved with Bike Pgh and let’s change our city- see article. I sit on the Board of Bike Pgh and would appreciate the beginning of some interesting discussions about making Pittsburgh more “biker” friendly. Let’s meet at Tazza D’Oro to discuss. Any takers?


  1. Mary Franzen

    Count me in (and put me to work). Thanks, Amy.

  2. Paul Wahrhaftig

    As a victim of urban biking and Pittsburgh potholes – I’m all for bike-friendly organizsing. When do y’ins meet?

  3. nathan

    One thing that would really help is if we could get some type of Car Share (see FlexCar) here. It’s a big step giving up your car and completely relying on bikes/busses (believe me, our family does it but it can be a bummer when you need to visit family in another town, or pick up some furniture or even go grocery shopping).

    But if there was the option to have a car down the street for occasional use, you never know – more people might actually ditch having their own vehicles and take to the streets via bike more often.

  4. shark chum

    Bless you for doing anything to improve bicycling in Pittsburgh. I would do almost anything to get townships in South Hills to sweep the side of the road. I wish they weren’t, but bike lanes are unrealistic for this area. Riding in the road grit and broken glass every day is unacceptable. If the townships aren’t going to give us a lane, at least they should give us the side of the road.