Turn Black Friday into "Great" Friday for Small Businesses

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Sitting in the middle of Thanksgiving Day, I am so thankful for great friends, family, Tazza Doro and good health. One of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving is enjoy good food, wine and football. As I am watching the games, I realized the frenzy of holiday shopping begins tomorrow. Many call the day Black Friday and it is the hottest shopping day of the year. I am one of those non-participants. But as a small business owner and many friends who have small businesses, tomorrow is an important of day.

While you are enjoying the day shopping with family and friends, please keep in mind there are many incredible small businesses in the East Liberty, South Highland, Highland Park areas. My experience is that not only will you find uniqueness and quality, but you will also get the personal service that is missing in the big stores.

Some of my favorite stores/eateries are: Abyssinia (Penn Circle), Gardenalia(S. Highland), Smiley’s Pet Pad (S Highland), Typhoon (S Highland), Red Room Cafe,(Highland) Abay,(Highland) Miller Frames (Penn Circle), Alphabetical Order (S Highland), Food Glorious Food (Bryant St), The Nuin Center(great for gift certificates) Bryant St, Stuff (located on Walnut St in Shadyside) and the Union Project (Negley)for great crafts and Christmas trees. If you need other suggestions, stop by Tazza D’Oro we would be happy to refer you to many of our other business friends. By the way, our map on the Tazza D’Oro web site could give you directions by bus, car or bike and contact info.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


  1. Kathy Miller

    Hi, Amy,

    I love your website. It is exactly what we needed- with invaluable, easily accessed links to our area of town. Thank you.

    Would you consider linking to small online businesses? Hosting me and my businesses at the cafe for a show/ sale/ talk sometime? Let’s get together to discuss possibilitites when you have a free moment.

    Love what you’re doing for us, Kathy

    Kathy Miller

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