Vote for the Green!

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As you know, tomorrow, Nov 7th, is election day. Up for re-election to Congress from our district (PA-14) is Mike Doyle, a Democrat. He is not opposed by a Republican, but he does have a challenger — Titus North, a Green party candidate. I urge you to vote for Mr. North.

My motivation is simple, and it’s not because I want North to win. Instead, I want our Congressional district to look like a deeper shade of blue.

Doyle’s victory is assured, and a vote for North will not actually hurt the Democrat’s chances. But it will send a signal — to Doyle, and to future candidates — about the values held by voters in our district. Furthermore, it will strengthen the visibility and viability of an alternative to the two major parties. And when the voters have real alternatives, we all win.

So find your Allegheny County polling place, cast your ballot, and then settle in to watch the results.

Please spread this message, and don’t forget to vote early, and vote often.


  1. amy

    Don’t forget to bring your voting verification stub into Tazza D’Oro on November 7th for a free treat for being such a good citizen!!!