Conversation Cafe Schedule

Written by jodi | 3 Comments

Hi CCW Women

Patricia and I want to put out the dates for future CCW gatherings. Here they are

Feb. 8th

Mar. 8th


May 3rd

May 31st

July 12th

Aug 9th

We will let you know the dates for sept,oct and nov. in the near future ,along with the next three topics. Thanks for another great evening of conversation


  1. Alison

    Hi – thanks so much for this. Several of the dates conflict with the Nuin’s center second Thursday of the month Cellular Energy evening. If at all possible, could those dates be moved – I know others that go to the CE night have mentioned hating to miss Conversation Cafe. If not, no biggie – I noticed that you put up other dates that do work.

    Thanks and keep up the great work! We appreciate it!!

  2. Kathy Miller

    Because I know how hard it is to schedule things, and having some training in de-construction, I’d like to check that the info I have is correct and/or that my interpretation is accurate! The first dates you’ve listed, Feb 9 and Mar 9, are Fridays, not Thursdays. Are Feb 9 and Mar 9 the dates you meant?

  3. Kathy Miller

    PS I LOVE the CCW long-sleeved purple & aqua tee shirt I bought. Thank you for the most cool logo, lettering and message. I recommend we all buy one!