Portraits of Their Life's Work by Rob Enrico

Written by Amy | 3 Comments


Please join us on Saturday, January 6th at 6:30 pm for the opening of ‘Portraits of Their Life’s Work’…

My brother Rob has spent the last 20 months capturing the portraits of many small business owners and other people who exemplify the gift of living a life that has meaning, purpose, passion and pride. The black and white images capture a legacy of people who love their life’s work and each in their own way has made their community a better place to live.

So, we hope you come to eat some good food and drink and to celebrate Rob’s amazing photos.


  1. Joan & Ernie Pomatto

    Hi Amy;

    We have been looking forward to hearing the date of the showing of Rob’s photos.

    Weather permitting, we will be there. I only hope that Rob has captured your family bakery business in his collection. We are so fascinated with his skills of baking and photography.


    Joan & Ernie

  2. Beth


    I’m excited to see this photo exhibit. I will be there. If there’s anything I can bring, please let me know.

  3. Diane Lindblade

    So sorry I missed this. I would like to have met your brother. Diane