Did you know your garden loves coffee?

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For the last 8 springs at Tazza D’Oro we have been recycling our coffee and espresso grounds for anyone interested in using them in thier gardens or composting bins. Bring in a can or bucket and we will fill it for you.

Each year our garden at Tazza D’Oro flourishes and I think the secret is using our coffee grounds. I have found that my tomato plants especially love it. Avid gardeners tell me that any acid loving plant will do extremely well when coffee grounds are mixed in with the soil. I’m planting all my seeds this weekend and I can’t wait to see them grow.

Here are a few tips about coffee grounds and gardening and also check out Sustainable Enterprises for more information. Also check in with Betty at Gardenalia. Betty will give you some terrific tips on gardening,planting seeds and landscaping. In fact, Gardenalia has a whole program called “Seed to Table“. “Seed to Table” was developed by Betty to teach Urban Gardeners how to plant seeds, design an urban garden and then use their harvest for cooking or storing. You can contact Gardenalia at 412.441.9611 or gardenalia@comcast.net.

  • Mix coffee grounds into soil before you plant your garden
  • Add coffee grounds around acid loving plants, trees, shrubs
  • Mix coffee grounds into your compost bin to accelerate the composting process. They say the the coffee grounds should not be more than 25% of the composting material
  • Worms are great for your garden or compost – they love to eat coffee grounds

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