One of Our Favorite Coffee Blends

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Batdorf and Bronson has been roasting and blending Market Blend since 1988. The Olympia Farmer’s Market (located just down the street from the roastery) was the inspiration for this amazing and delicious blend. This coffee showcases floral, honeyed bouquet and notes of lush, tropical fruit. The Market Blend is one of my favorite coffees prepared in a press pot (French Press).

If you haven’t tried pressing some of our coffees – please give it a try. A press pot is really easy to use and you can consistently end up with a great cup of coffee. I’ve seen Bodum Press Pots for sale in the range of $15 – $30 depending on the size and design of the pot.

Great coffee, grind, good water and temperature are important for brewing coffee at home. Most home brewers do not allow the water to get hot enough to extract all the fine characteristics from the coffee. But here is how I usually prepare my coffee for a press pot:

  • 2 tablespoons of freshly roasted whole beans per 6 oz  – ground coarsely but evenly. I prefer to use a conical burr grinder made by Bodum or Solis Maestro Plus. Also, the finer the grinder the more difficult to press and resulting in more
  • Use cold, filtered water and bring to near boil
  • Add the freshly ground coffee to the press pot
  • Fill with hot water to desired volume, pour water evenly to ensure all coffee grinds are wet
  • I like to stir the coffee a little too
  • Place plunger on top to keep the coffee from cooling but do not plunge.
  • After the coffee has steeped for 4 min then press the plunger down with an even pressure on the plunger rod.
  • Serve your coffee immediately.

We currently have the Market Blend at Tazza D’Oro this week – 5 lbs left. Stop in for a cup of buy some beans to try at home.

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