America's First Green Powered Coffee Roaster

Written by Amy | 1 Comment


Our coffee roaster, Batdorf and Bronson is America’s first Green Powered Roaster! Back in 2000, Batdorf and Bronson began buying 100% renewable energy to power their business through the Stateline Wind Project of Walla Walla, Washington. B&B has become a leader in the State of Washington for their commitment and investment to a sustainable future.

windmills.gifGreen Power is electricity generated from renewable, non-polluting resources. Some of these resources include wind, solar, landfill gases, geothermal and wave or tidal action. These are natural forces that can be harvested for energy without burning fossil fuels and releasing pollutants into the air.

Batdorf and Bronson’s business practices around sustainability also transcend into the coffee industry too. Stay tuned for more info regarding their partnerships with coffee growers. B&B you guys rock and Tazza D’Oro is proud to do business with you.


  1. Petunia

    just another reason why B&B is the best!!! not just great coffee, great people!