Pop City Spills the Beans!

Written by Amy | 6 Comments

We have been getting many comments about our blog being so quiet over the last month. My apologies, but we have been a little busy. I have been negligent in our communication with you. Today Pop City spilled the beans on what we have been up to – click here. Thank you, Pop City, you guys really walk the talk about the “burgh”!

It has been said that a “picture’s worth a thousand words.” No denying that at least from our standpoint.



We have been moving stuff, painting, buying new equipment, adding more seats, more tables, sprucing up the menus, re-organizing and re-committing. Phew!

We are almost done except for a few touch-ups and waiting for our extra tables.

We have lots more to say and will in the coming days. Promise.

Thanks to Andrew and Heather at moss architects in East Liberty. Really good guys, very talented and creative. Thanks to Josh Mould (412) 965-2875 and crew who did all the renovation work. Josh and crew held up under the pressure of our time line and my total meltdown the night before our re-opening. Norm, owner of Furniture Medic in Morningside (412)441-7067. Thank you for your help and sharing the “American Dream” with me at 5 am the morning of our re-opening.

And then there’s my Mom. She re-upolestered all our current chairs and stained all our new chairs on her patio in this unbelievable heat. Thanks, Mom, your work will be remembered and appreciated everyday for as long as Tazza D’Oro is around.

Oh, and here’s the love for all of your patience during renovationblog-drinkl.jpg

Thank you and hope you are more comfortable in our new space,


  1. colleen

    Hey everyone at Tazza! This looks absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait till the next time I can come! :)

  2. Leeni

    Amy, it looks awesome, we love you being here, your the best.

  3. Ginny Smiley

    lookin’ good in the neighborhood!!!!

  4. Lisa Solomon


    Your coffee shop is the best that has ever happened to the Highland Park Community. I sell real estate and while selling houses to clients in the community they are always impressed by the quaint and comfortable coffee shop/news/events etc..that you offer to make people feel at home whether they’ve always lived here locally or have relocated from another state or country for that matter. This is a warm, friendly environment and long awaited and forever accepted & loved!! (-:

  5. Dana

    Kitten- It’s rockin’ Ashamed to say that I still haven’t been by to check it out! Promise to be there before the end of summer. All my love :)

  6. Amy

    Thanks for all the awesome comments and your continued loyal support of Tazza D’Oro.