Big Happenings at Tazza D'Oro

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(See Schedule below for events and hours of operation beginning Monday, Oct 15th thru Weds, Oct 17th.)
Our goal, a year ago was to have all the baristi at Tazza D’Oro undergo extensive training pertaining to our coffees and espresso drinks. Then, seeing how it all went, our next goal was to have all our staff undergo a certification exam by the end of 2007. Our certification process uses the criteria set forth by the coffee industry and strict standards set by Batdorf and Bronson and Tazza D’Oro.

Over the past year and a half in preparation, I have made 3 trips to Olympia, WA and Batdorf and Bronson was here in February to help us with an extensive 2 1/2 day training kick-off. I am proud to say that our staff have stepped up to the challenge; they have fully committed to the training process and quality we are trying to achieve. Frankly, they have been amazing!

Do you remember Oliver?

Well, Oliver is on his way back to Pittsburgh. Beginning Monday evening through Wednesday, the baristi of Tazza D’Oro will under take the certification process. They will be evaluated all day on Tuesday and then required to take a 35-40 question written exam. On Wednesday, each barista will be given a full hour on the espresso machine with Oliver and me evaluating the quality their espresso shots, milk steaming, drink preparation, customer service skills and general working skills at the espresso bar. After the written and practical exams are evaluated I expect we will have 9 highly trained, certified baristi serving you some of the best coffee and espresso in the city.

Monday, Oct 15th: Closing at 7:30 pm for staff meeting

Tuesday, Oct 16th: Coffee cupping 7 pm to 9 pm – for customers and staff. $10.00 fee
More info to be posted.

Wednesday, Oct 17th: Sorry,we will close at 10:45 am. Certification testing from 11 am to 9 pm

Thursday, Oct 18th: resume normal business hours


  1. Eric

    I’ll be lining up Sunday night for the Tuesday cupping, just to make sure I get a seat. :-)