Coffee Cupping: this Tuesday, Oct 16th

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Hey Folks, as I mentioned in the previous post, on Tuesday, Oct 16th at 7 pm we will be hosting a coffee cupping/tasting. Oliver Stormshak from Batdorf and Bronson will be in the “burgh”. During his visit, Oliver and I will be testing all the baristi at Tazza D’Oro as each barista undertakes the barista certification test.

So here’s the deal, Oliver will lead the cupping. We will have the opportunity to taste some of the finest coffees available in the world. Oliver will discuss the origins of each coffee, processing methods, general characteristics of each region and roasting methods that Batdorf and Bronson uses to enhance each unique characteristic of each coffee.

After the tasting you will have the chance to enjoy some really nice, complementary cognac, brandy, Italian dessert wines, freshly brewed coffee and other treats. Plus, if Dr. Bogen makes a celebrity appearance, I bet he brings my fav – Grappa! BTW, this stuff ain’t for weak palettes but for those who say “wow” you will be forever hooked. Right, Tone?

The fee for the coffee cupping is 10 bucks. The great company and the chance to learn about other regions in the world is FREE!

Please reserve a space because our seating for the cupping in limited. You can email or call 412.362.3676.

Hope to see you on Tuesday.

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