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Dear Conversation Cafe Women

Our next Conversation cafe gathering will be on November 1st from 7-9pm. The topic will be The Power of Graditude. During our last CCW, we talked as a community about how to support the growth of CCW. We all did some brainstorming and there will be some changes in the format.
1. We need to know how many of you will be attending to know if Amy will need to close the cafe. We need at least 20 women to close the cafe. So we are going to implement a RSVP. You will need to RSVP Patricia or myself by Wed. october 31st by calling 724- 439-1936 or 412 521 3644

2. There will also be a $5.00 cover charge at the door.

3. We will have flyers available at Tazza D’oro on friday october 12th for you to take and pass out to other women who would be interested in attending.

Thanks for all you support and we hope to see you on November 1st


  1. sandy(slf)

    As we were talking about all of this the during the last CC I think that I lost sight of what the money that might we pay is for. I thought that the issue was more about the cafe space and all of its potential for the group.

    I am not oppossed to the fee but I would like to know who gets it in the end?

    Will ther always be facilitators to manage the topics/flow?
    Do they get the $$?
    Or is it for the cafe space???
    Would that work if only 5 people commit to coming would the cafe close for $25?

    I remember the abundance of ideas that night, but I don’t remember the exact resolve around all of this.