Phew! 8 out of 8 and over 60 amazing espresso drinks

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Tazza D’Oro customers – WE DID IT! Our amazing employees are now certified baristi.

What does it all mean? It means that we have just raised our standards and goals for Tazza D’Oro. It means that we have completed 1 1/2 years of planning, each employee has gone through more than 7 months of training followed by 2 1/2 days of intense scrutiny, meetings, cuppings, a written exam and then the final 1 hour test on the espresso machine.

Each barista was required to make and serve a total of 8 espresso drinks. Oliver and I closely observed their technical skills and presentation. Then, we tasted each and every drink to ensure proper extraction of our espresso blend and proper milk steaming technique. BTW, espresso hangovers -ugh! All I can say, Oliver and I did not look very repectable the next morning.

Our goal is to be the best espresso bar around with employees who are highly trained professionals proudly serving you a rad cup of coffee or espresso.

Petunia, Tone, Braden, Emily, Zach, Jenn, Jodi and Belloma – Thank you and congratulations! Daniel, your up next! Batdorf and Bronson you guys freakin rock! Oliver, I hope we all grow up just like you.

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