Contributing to Community

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Community is one of those things right up there on the list of life’s priorities – love, hope, family…

When I started Tazza D’Oro 9 years ago I wanted it to be about the coffee, but in big way it became about the community. Everyday I am reminded about how important community is and our responsibility to contribute to it.

Meet Jane McCafferty:


Jane is a neighbor, loyal customer, Professor of English and Creative Writing at CMU, published author and just a darn good person. Jane approached me a few months back and asked if Tazza D’Oro could provide a space for tutoring students from Fulton School. Jane also approached Mr. Bivins, the Principal at Fulton School. We both agreed.

Jane and Mr. Bivins did a lot of hard work and now every Monday through Thursday from 3 pm – 4 pm at Tazza D’Oro you will find students from Fulton School and coffee loving tutors assisting with reading, writing and math.

There you have it – neighbor, principal, teachers, parents, community members and an espresso bar. Thank you Jane, Mr. Bivins, teachers, parents and tutors – you have changed a community!

If you want to help out contact Jane – click here


  1. Steve Scalese

    Excellent! We need more togetherness. Togetherness and helping kids is a great combo. Bravo, Amy

    Blessings, Steve