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Dear Conversation Cafe Community
Patricia and I are both looking forward to starting up CCW in 08 and re-connecting with all of you. The next CCW will be held on Thursday, 2-21-08 at Tazza D’oro from 7-9pm. The Topic will be “The Blessings of Frienship”. Once again, we need at least 20 women to attend for the cafe to close. A RSVP is required by Monday 2-18-08 to determine if the cafe is to close for our gathering. The RSVP is very important and you may reply by calling Patricia at 724-439-1936 or jodi at 412-521-3644. You may also RSVP through the blog. There is also a $5.00 at the door. Flyers will be at the cafe for any one to pick up and pass along to those who might be interested in attending. We hope to see you in Feburary. Keep in touch!
Jodi and Patricia


  1. LDB

    Great topic! I’ll be there. Lisa

  2. julie

    i just found out about the “conversation cafe” and am very excited about attending! count me in for the 21st!

  3. Leah

    I’m new to the area and interested in checking this out.

  4. Julie

    new to the bunch. and, excited to join the conversation on feb. 21! count me in!