What's Cooking at Tazza D'Oro?

Written by Amy | 6 Comments


This amazing piece of beef pictured was grass-fed and raised locally. Over the last several months we have been talking with lots of local farms about getting fresh, local food for Tazza D’Oro. But the best choice for us was Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance. This past summer I had the experience of being a member of their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for all my produce at home. The variety and selection was impressive. Penn’s Corner was founded in 1999 and has formed a cooperative of about 15 local, family owned farms (about a 50 mile radius) in Southwest PA all of which practice sustainable farming.

So not only will we now have access to fresh, local veggies, greens and fruit we will also be able to buy eggs, cheese, beef, pork, poultry, honey and lots of other surprises throughout the year.

We received our first delivery on Thursday. Seeing Neil walk in the door carrying fresh eggs, mushrooms, apples, honey and beef was really awesome. We all felt really good about it too because we are continuing to support small business owners like ourselves who are passionate about what they do.

We have learned a lot from our coffee roaster, Batdorf and Bronson, about the importance of sustainability and making responsible choices when we purchase. Check out their sustainable practices (click here). Besides their incredible coffee it was another important reason why we chose them 9 years ago.

We have had a long standing goal to share with our staff and customers the carefully crafted links between us and our exceptional coffees: How the coffees are grown and processed out of a relationship between our roaster and the coffee farmers and how our roaster works with us to bring you the best cup of coffee through hand-crafted roasts and barista training. At Tazza D’Oro-we call this “Seed to Cup”. Now we hope to share the same goal with the food that we purchase.

We will continue to carry some of our popular panini and in addition will develop seasonal menus to showcase locally grown food. So stop in for a fresh roast beef panini, pick up an apple or try out our new honey (more info coming soon on our plans for the eggs!).


  1. izzy's mama

    Looks amazing! How did it turn out and did it sell out?? I hope so!!

  2. Nancy and Bob Arnold

    This is so cool!!! Since we are locavores. you are now the only place we can have a sandwich in Pittsburgh that has meat on it.

  3. Heather

    Amazing Amy! I think I will move! Keep up the wonderful work.

  4. Dana

    You rock Kitten. Hope that the new year is treating you well :)

  5. Amy

    Thanks for all the encouraging comments. I am about to place our next order with Penn’s Corner Farms so stop in and see what we got. Yep, and sometimes our friends from Friendship Development call me Kitten – hmmmm?

  6. Neil

    Hey, Amy. That roast looks amazing! Glad your customers enjoyed it. Penn’s Corner is really excited to work with you and the Tazza D’oro crew. We’ll see you again soon.