Add Pittsburgh Baristas to your list of favorite town teams

Written by Amy | 4 Comments

Day 2 of the 2008 Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition (MARBC) will begin in about an hour. We have one more Pittsburgh Barista to cheer for today. Mike from Blue Horse Coffee is up this afternoon. Katy from Blue Horse competed yesterday but I didn’t have the opportunity to finish watching her performance. But other Pittsburgh spectators say she finished strong. Annette and Melissa you would have been proud.

Congrats to Belle, Sonja and John from Aldo Coffee. One of the really great things that came out of all the crazy, consuming preparation for the competition was the chance for Emily and Braden to work with other Pittsburgh Baristas. Watching their collective support of each other in the pre-competition prep area was Pittsburgh at its best. John, Belle and Sonja, you guys were great.

I think Rich told me yesterday he was posting some photos from the competition. Check out his site – click here. And check out some of our pictures – click here. Hopefully more to come from Heather (Batdorf and Bronson).


  1. betty

    I can practically smell the coffee and wish I could taste all the fabulous drinks you guys are making!

  2. Amy

    Thanks Betty, I have to say that during Emily and Braden’s practice time our espresso was rockin like crazy. Batdorf and Bronson out did themselves on this one!

  3. Annette

    We are very proud of Mike and Katy! They went out and gave it their all. I can tell you that they really appreciated the support from Braden and Emily. Call me about the Mid Atlantic Barista Jam in Easton, March 5 – 7. I have room for two if a couple of your baristas (or you) want to ride with me and one of our baristas Caitlin. I hope Emily and Braden had as much fun competing as did Mike and Katy.

  4. Tazza D'Oro

    Hey Annette- Yep, you should be proud. Your baristas did great. And it was impressive to see how much of this experience they owned. I never would have known it was their first time. Congrats and Congrats to Blue Horse Coffee.
    Not sure if I will go to Barista Jam. I just need to get back to work after this competition. Braden wants to go though and probably wouldappreciate some car pooling. We will be in touch.