Competition Weekend for Pittsburgh Baristas

Written by Amy | 4 Comments

Emily and Braden are on their way to DC to compete in the 2008 Mid Atlantic Barista Competition at Coffee Fest. We found out at 3 am this morning there will be 27 other competitors from DE, DC, MD, NJ and PA. Emily’s competition will begin around 2:15 pm and Braden will compete around 5 pm . I promise to send updates and pictures as the competition happens. Good luck to all the other Pittsburgh Baristas – Aldo’s Coffee and Blue Horse will be there too.

Thanks to Batdorf and Bronson, our roasters for all the training and support of the past 2 months and Turner’s Dairy for the great milk and support.


  1. Beverly Robinson

    This is a great update. I’m eager to see how Braden and Emily do. This is a wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations! I’m proud of Tazza D’Oro.

    Step-mom to Rachel
    Mom to Braden

  2. Annette

    It is great to see that you have two people that are going to compete in MARBC. What a 3am surprise! It sounds like Emily and Braden are going to do great. Melissa and I will not be in DC, so we would very much appreciate any support you can give Katy and Mike. Like Emily and Braden this is Katy and Mike’s first time competing. Good luck Emily and Braden. Don’t forget to have fun.

  3. Tazza D'Oro

    Hey Annette and Melissa- I will try to track Katy and Mike down. We would be happy to help in anyway and Braden and Emily are looking to hang out with folks from Pittsburgh? What hotel are they in?

  4. Annette

    Thanks Amy. Katy and Mike are staying at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar. They are planning on going to the Murky party and the MARBC Party at the CCC Training Center. Katy competes at 4:20 on Friday and Mike is at 12:30 on Saturday. Travel safe and good luck.