Tazza D'Oro in the Pitt News

Written by Amy | 1 Comment

Today my friend Kathy sent me an email saying, “Hey Amy. Did you see this article?” I usually don’t get very far past – “did you see the article” because I am always nervous about what the article has to say about Tazza D’Oro. See article at Pitt News. I usually have to call Amelia or Rachel and have them read it first.

You would think after almost 8 years and over many, many great articles/write-ups/mentions I would be used to this. But I’m not and maybe never will be. It’s a strange experience to have many people over the years write and critique Tazza D’Oro without the slightest idea of it happening. Every person we serve in the course of our day may be in to write an article about us.

So, once again, thank you to the staff of Tazza D’Oro: P, Tone, Emily, Braden, Josh, Jodi, Anthony the Kid, Zach and Belloma for giving it your best everyday and serving each customer as if they were writing an article about us. I appreciate and applaud your unbelievable skills and commitment because we all know how hard it is to make great coffee, espresso and food everyday.

Dan from the Pitt News – thank you for such great words and appreciating our craft. Please introduce yourself next time you are in. Bet you would love to test drive our new La Marzocco espresso machine.

BTW, a traditional cappuccino –cappy-blog.jpg


  1. Eric

    What a terrific article, and a well-deserved, well-written thumbs up! I said the same thing to myself the first time I tried the Tazza D’Oro espresso – nothing better outside Italy, and I’d say your espresso rivals even those I had in Milan and Venice.