Team Pittsburgh – Tazza D'Oro and Aldo Coffee

Written by Amy | 6 Comments


We’re feeling lucky today and it’s not because Braden and Emily are about to compete in the 2008 Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition in Washington, DC. It’s because we had a great night of competition practice with the folks from Aldo Coffee and a great panel of volunteer judges. Thanks to Rich and Melanie, Belle, Sonja and John from Aldo Coffee, Matt, Ward, Chris, Sean, Todd-Michael, Rachel, Jodi, and Zach. Rich and Melanie brought all the judges with them along with judges score sheets and lots equipment, barista stuff, a few brews and vino. (BTW, very impressive traveling cooler, Rich!)

Then another lucky moment – Heather from Batdorf and Bronson calls 1st thing this morning(Pacific time) saying “how did the practice go, we are thinking about you, give me a call”. Yeppers, Batdorf and Bronson rocks and we hope to make you proud! Heather can’t wait to see you on this end of the country.

All the baristas were great. Judges and Aldo, I think we could have a decent chance of making a great showing for the “burgh”! We will leave Pittsburgh next Thursday (2/14) and Coffee Fest will open it’s doors bright and early Friday morning. Braden and Emily will compete in the 1st round either Friday or Saturday and the finals are on Sunday. Yes, we will have the laptop and camera and sending info as we can. Emily and Braden, we are so proud of you and all our thanks to our coffee roaster, Batdorf and Bronson.


  1. Beverly

    I don’t even know how to make coffee, and here my son, Braden aka Blur, is a barista!

    Let’s go, Emily and Braden. Good luck in the competition! I’m very proud of all of you. And Rachel, your leadership and love have been really important.


  2. jim bogen

    Gohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Braden (are you sure you want to compete under that name?) and Emily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Deb and I are rooting for you.
    jim bogen

  3. Rich

    Oh my… I look like i’ve passed out!

    Thankfully you didn’t link to that audioclip of me asking if anyone wanted to taste a bad espresso…

    Thanks again for hosting us and for the fine pizza and beer. It was a success for us and I hope for Braden – his routine is looking good and coffee is tasting fine. We’ll be rooting hard for you guys in DC.

  4. Luke

    Good luck everyone!

  5. Amy

    Luke- hope you will be making it to DC. We would love to run into you there. Your coffee menu looks awesome!

  6. Don L.

    Be prepared to face Team Szep from Caffe Amadeus in Indiana, PA. Good luck.