Clover owned by a mermaid?

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I get a call today from Oliver at Batdorf and Bronson saying “have you heard the news”? Starbucks bought Clover (Coffee Equipment Co)! In case you haven’t heard of the Clover brewing system click here. The Clover is an innovative idea born in Seattle, Wa. The basic idea of the Clover is brewing a single cup of coffee using an innovative brewing design – similar to a French Press but in one minute instead of four minutes and also brewing a much cleaner cup of coffee – without the sediment and oils.

Gee, don’t know how to feel about Starbucks gobbling up a private, innovative company that was making the coffee industry look at possibly the next generation of brewing Specialty Coffee. I guess it makes total sense for the new direction Howard Schultz wants to re-establish the company and that’s what the big guys in business get to do. I see it as a compliment to us independent coffee establishments – Starbucks lost its way and now they need to do and act more as we do – quality, training, exceptional coffee, attention to detail and paying attention to our customers. Sounds simple, right?


  1. ej

    if only starbucks coffee actually tasted good to start with, instead of it being stale green beans roasted within an inch of it’s life…… then howard schultz and his green mermaid cronies might be onto something.