Weekly Coffee Tastings – Every Thursday

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Yippee! It’s Cupping Time! Every Thursday at 4:30 pm, a member of the Tazza D’Oro staff will hold a weekly coffee cupping. We will select coffees in conjunction with our coffee roaster, Batdorf and Bronson. The cuppings will be fairly informal and open to any of our customers. So, please join us. If 4:30 pm is too early for you to make it – from 5:30 – 6:30 pm on Thursdays, one of our baristas will be happy to make you complimentary samples of what we cupped and provide you with all the info about the coffees.

Amy will lead the first cupping and it will go something like this – we will introduce the coffee, talk about it’s origin (country/source), discuss any info we may have on the farm or co-op, discuss how the coffee is processed (how the fruit is removed from the seed) and provide any roasting info. Next, we will grind the coffee into cups and do a dry aroma evaluation (sniff), pour hot water over the grinds and do a wet aroma evaluation (sniff) and then the actual tasting – flavor evaluation, body and finish. We will have a variety of food items, herbs, spices and other beverages we hope will help folks distinguish the many favor characteristics a cup of coffee can hold. We will also have 2 or three different coffees available. I’ve learned that the best way to distinguish coffees from different origins is to compare them side by side.

Our cuppings are intended to be fun and informative. We want to approach each cupping with the understanding that everyone’s palate and way of describing their experience may be different. But we also believe the best way to develop a more experienced palate is to practice, explore and to share the experience. Gee, maybe someday we could find Oliver or Margaret sitting at the table? Heather, I think you are due for a trip to Pittsburgh too!

A summary of our results will be posted weekly along with a brief description from the roasters at Bardorf and Bronson.

This week we will cup coffees from Africa and Central America.


  1. Heather

    I would love to be there … have a great time. I know that your crew will represent the coffee well and give your customers a grand old time! Have fun folks!!

  2. Rich


    This needs to happen in every neighborhood!