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As most of you know we have been working on installing a new register system at Tazza D’Oro. In business lingo it’s called a POS (Point of Sale) system. This “thing”, by the way, is an awesome gadget. It is designed to make my life easier and provide me with tons of information on how my business doing. I can analyze the business at any moment and from any location. We can track sales, number of transactions, financial ratios and margins, costs, efficiencies, inventory, and a gazillion other things.

I feel like we have been programming and planning forever. Today we had all the hardware installed, flicked the switched and…

The thing about technology is when it works it’s totally rad and when it doesn’t it sucks. So, we will keep plugging away until it works and until we know we can serve you efficiently. Jamie and her support crew from Pittsburgh POS have been awesome. Barry, from Point Brugge, you offered to help so come on over.

I should mention how totally great the Tazza D’Oro staff is once again. Everyone showed up tonight to check out the system, hung out though all the trouble shooting, practiced and will come back tomorrow to practice again so they are ready when the POS is ready. And for me, the owner of Tazza D’Oro, I’ve had to learn and adapt almost on a daily basis. We continually work to be one of the best. But being one of the best requires a passion that not only encompasses the products we produce and sell but a huge commitment and determination to do whatever it takes. So back at in the morning.

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