Pittsburgh's New Coffee Seekers

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Tazza D’Oro is in the midst of experiencing a lot of great media recognition. Just this week we appeared in Pitt’s The Original Magazine (original-mag-article.pdf,story on pg 24), Pittsburgh’s own and very hip Pop City and Point Park University’s The Globe.

But what I think is significant about all the press is that in the last month Tazza D’Oro has been featured in 3 different University publications. And that’s significant because we are “off the beaten path” for most university students AND it appears undergrad students are actively seeking out high quality coffee and espresso in Pittsburgh and leaving their campuses to find it and write about it! Unbelievably awesome -a new generation of specialty coffee drinkers with discerning palates. That my friends, is rad!

At Tazza D’Oro we strive everyday to provide our customers with an incredible “coffee experience“. The recognition this week has been a great motivator to keep striving. Congrats to the Tazza D’Oro baristas.

Thank you Pitt News, The Original, The Globe and Pop City. You guys are rad too.

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