Pop City Puts Tazza D'Oro in Good Company

Written by Amy | 2 Comments

Today Pop City did a feature article today on a few awesome coffee houses and espresso bars in Pittsburgh, called Raising the Bar on Coffee (click here). Tazza D’Oro is honored to be in such great coffee company with these guys- Luke of 21st Street Coffee, Brad, owner of The Vault, Ward of Simpatico, and Rich and Melanie of Aldo Coffee. YEA!!!

Pop City, we appreciate you calling attention to an amazing coffee culture that is on the rise in da burgh.


  1. Luke

    There seems to be an increased interest on the part of the media in promoting quality coffee houses. It’s really nice to see something that talks about the coffee and not just about the free wifi and comfy couches.

  2. Amy

    Right on, Luke. And keep up the great work at 21st Street