"Council To Go", Please and Leave Room for Cream!

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Updated 5/22/08.– Great article in the Post Gazette today – take a look here.

Beginning May, 28th and every fourth Wednesday, Councilman Patrick Dowd or a staff member will be holding office hours at Tazza D’Oro beginning at 2 pm. Click here for entire schedule and additional info. Patrick Dowd is an amazing guy and our newly elected City Councilman for District 7, which includes Highland Park, Bloomfield, Lawrenceville, Friendship, Garfield, Morningside, Polish Hill, East Liberty and Stanton Heights.

On May 15th, Councilman Dowd launched his “Council To Go” (read announcement) project. We are really proud to be a host for Councilman Dowd and his staff especially since this seems like the beginning of change in the way we do politics in our city and the way we have access to those who represent our interests and communities.

Right on, Patrick! Lots of good ideas flow over a cup of coffee.

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