Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Written by Amy | 5 Comments

During my last visit to the Northwest this past November, Heather and I discussed ways Batdorf and Bronson could help Tazza D’Oro reduce our environmental footprint along with a gazillion other things.

Tazza D’Oro buys it’s coffee from an exceptional roaster. The reality is that our coffee isn’t roasted locally. But Batdorf and Bronson uses 100% renewable energy to roast our coffee and has received numerous awards from the State of Washington for their environmental practices and is adamant about partnering with coffee growers who are all about sustainability – fair trade, relationships, organic, shade grown and bird friendly. Out of all the coffee grown in the world, Batdorf and Bronson buys the top 1%! That is like finding a “needle in a hay stack”. Right on – Tazza D’Oro brews really awesome coffee.

After a few discussions and much research, Heather and Bev came up with a plan – In 2008, Tazza D’Oro would get one coffee order per week and it would be delivered by UPS. This new system translates into fewer planes and trucks = less fuel. One order per week? UPS? Historically, we would get 2-3 orders per week and our orders were delivered by FedEx. This would be a challenge for us considering the amount of coffee we sell and our space limitations. But considering the reduction of our environmental impact and knowing that being one of the best coffee houses encompasses many aspects; we had to adjust.


Our (my) adjustment has been a little exciting. The picture above is our UPS delivery guy. This past week we were down to a half hopper of Dancing Goats for espresso, out of Blue and only had 2 filters of brewed coffee and no coffee for our scheduled Thursday cupping. Then “Brown” delivered. PHEW! I wanted to slobber all over this guy. I was in a total panic of trying to figure out how to explain to customers that Tazza D’Oro was “OUT OF COFFEE”!

We continue to increase our coffee orders with Batdorf and Bronson and you (our customers) continue to increase your loyalty. Thank you.

Any guesses on the number of pounds of coffee being delivered in the photo?


  1. mj

    150 pounds

  2. Luke

    Each big box is probably ~ 65lbs, so I’d say 140… what do I get if I win? Price is Right rules so no overbidding.

  3. Tazza D'Oro

    Nope on 150 lbs and nope on 140 lbs. Got to pick it up folks. Luke the prize is a surprise – guest barista, maybe?

  4. Luke

    151lbs, and I stand by my price is right rules except I don’t think they let you bid twice.

  5. mj