U.S. Barista Competition

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At the 2008 Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA) Conference happening right now, 59 baristas competed for 16 out of 25 semi-final spots. The semi-finals will happen tomorrow (Sunday) so we thought you might want to watch a live feed of the competition. Any barista who won their region this year was given a spot into the semi-finals. The finals will happen on Monday and the winner will go to the World Barista Competition in Copenhagen.

We will be cheering for Belle from Aldo’s Coffee. Belle won the Mid-Atlantic Barista Competition held in Washington, DC in February. This was also the same competition in which our own Emily and Branden competed.

Click here to go to the live feed. Once you are on the site, click on USBC Live Video under “Pages” or “Top Posts”.

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