Wearing the Art of Espresso

Written by Amy | 7 Comments

A Tazza D’Oro latte made and designed by our own barista – Braden (it tasted as good as it looks too!)


And a Tazza D’Oro t-shirt made by COMMONWEALTH Press and designed by Carolyn Skye at Batdorf and Bronson and our graphics guy – Jeff Guerrero of Urban Velo.


Want one? Ya you do. We have dark chocolate t-shirts with cream ink and khaki t-shirts with black ink. We’ve been wearing ours for a few weeks and we think there are a few folks in Atlanta (Batdorf and Bronson) walking around with them too. Olympia, I will hand deliver yours in a couple of weeks.

Beginning tomorrow (Thursday) you too can own the Tazza D’Oro “Art of Espresso.”


  1. Rachie W aka Big Sis

    I’m so proud, lil bro. Keep up the good work!

  2. Urban Jeff

    That’s one good looking shirt.

  3. Eric

    Hey, nice design! I’ll definitely get one or two and wear ’em proudly…

  4. Jen

    can’t wait for my shirt! Does it come in maternity sizes? :) Looking forward to seeing you here Amy! Hopefully this baby doesn’t come before you get here.

  5. Bez

    Love the design. My birthday is coming up, Braden and Rachie!This shirt is great.

    That is one good looking latte.


  6. izzy's mama

    That looks so fantastic I might actually consider drinking coffee.

  7. M. A. Erik Correia

    Hi there – my friend Sally has one of your fantastic t-shirts and I would like to know if I can buy one (especially in black) and how to go about doing this. – Erik