Mid-Life? It's Official I Suppose

Written by Amy | 2 Comments

An article appearing in Barista Magazine made me an official mid-lifer today. The article titled, “Mid-Life Coffee” (click here see page 44-45) was written by a fellow coffees house owner and another mid-lifer, Melissa from Blue Horse Coffee. Melissa included a portion of the article highlighting Tazza D’Oro and me. Thanks, Melissa.

Melissa and I had a conversation about how young the new owners in the coffee industry seem to be. I was 33 when I began writing the business plan for Tazza D’Oro and had already co-founded another business in the pharmaceutical industry at 28. It’s been great growing up with Tazza D’Oro. I have learned a lot about business and life.

I never thought about what “mid-life” means – half my life is over? Hopefully, I still have another half left because I have lots to do! Gotta go.


  1. Linda Hite

    If you say “half of your life” everyday…..well seems to me that leaves lots of time, endless in fact, to do the things you have on your personal to do list. Go Amy!!

  2. ej

    you’re famous and stuff.