Seeing the Big Picture!

Written by Amy | 1 Comment

So a few months back our really rad TV took a spill right in front of the espresso bar and the Italian porcelain tile floor we have in Tazza D’Oro shows no mercy for anything that hits it. We’ve been watching most of our sporting and political events on a really little TV.


On Monday night Chris Mayhew, of JBV Coaching, awesome cyclist and great guy,(he really loves espresso too) while meeting with his cycling group, tells me he wants to give us his “old” TV. I guess it was obvious we were having a hard time watching the Tour de France on our TV. Today Chris shows up with the TV. And tonight, we see a big picture of the Tour .


Unfortunately, today was a crazy, busy, good day at Tazza D’Oro and I didn’t have the chance to tell Chris how much we appreciate his generosity. Chris, and thanks for showing me the “big picture” tonight too!


  1. Chris M

    No worries. I smacked my forehead when I realized I’d come in right in the middle of lunch. I had the kid and two dogs in the car and needed to roll.

    Enjoy. If I can time Porter’s nap right sometime I’ll swing by and watch the coverage!