Week of July 4th Happenings

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Tazza D’Oro will be closed on July 4th and open again at 8 am Saturday, July 5th.

This is also the week that Bike Fest is in full swing. Several Bike Fest rides and events will be happening at Tazza D’Oro this week too. (Click here to check out all the Bike Fest events.) Tazza D’Oro’s own Emily Jackson has organized the 2nd Annual Cream-Cycle Alley Cat Race which will take place on July 4th from 2:00p to 5:00p. The Cream Cycle is a ice cream themed scavenger hunt/race with checkpoints located through many city neighborhoods with a huge ice cream buffet at the end of the race (more info – cremcycle2.pdf).

And beginning on Saturday morning, Tazza D’Oro will be kicking off the Tour de France. You can come and watch the Tour daily and sample some of our French Press brewed coffees.

I’m sorry to say that I will be missing all the great bike events, races and parties this week cause here is what I’m doing… surly-at-beach.jpg
See you Sunday!

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