It's about the Coffee and Lots More…I Get It

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Today, I promised to do a post about the farm where the Panama Esmeralda is grown and how they nurture and process this magnificent coffee. I will do it, promise. But something bigger captured my attention today. One of these days I will get to make a more focused coffee blog after I get through all the experiences of being a coffee house owner – maybe!

As the owner of Tazza D’Oro, having the opportunity to work with Batdorf and Bronson in a joint venture to sell some of the finest coffee grown in the world is such a huge deal and dream – we strive to be one of the best. I always say that “I just want it to be about the coffee!” But every now and then I am reminded it is more complicated than that. I’m sure if I ever have the chance to visit one of the farms that grow all this magnificent coffee that B&B buys and roasts and we sell, they will probably say the same. Tonight was one of those experiences. I took EJ, Rachel (P) and Tone out for drinks and some food and a “supervisor’s meeting” at Point Brugge (Thanks Barry and Elaine). Before I could even get started on the issues we needed to address, their passion, commitment and enthusiasm for Tazza D’Oro and our goals completely dominated the meeting and our conversation. They also talked about how the rest of our staff feels the same and I agreed. The baristas at Tazza D’Oro continue to inspire me.

So much of what we do in the specialty coffee industry, for those of us who care and are committed to the quality of the coffee, comes down to our passion for the product and passing our passion onto our customers. Having a great cup of coffee or espresso at Tazza D’Oro is no accident. We train and work really hard. The farmers who grow our coffee and our roaster, Batdorf and Bronson, over a drink at Point Brugge, would have the same conversation I experienced with my guys tonight. Thank you, Rachel, Tone, EJ, Braden, Megan, Chase, Josh, Katie, Zach, Batdorf and Bronson and our Coffee Farmers. The Panama Esmeralda coffee is in the “right hands!” Yeah, damn right I’m going to Olympia!

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