UPDATED: Mayor Ravenstahl and Councilman Dowd Holding Press Conference at Tazza D'Oro

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On Monday, August 11th at 10:30 am, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Councilman Patrick Dowd along with an impressive group of other policy makers and implementers will be holding a press conference at Tazza D’Oro to announce the City’s plan for a progressive Bicycle and Pedestrian Initiative. The City has recently hired a Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator through a grant from the Mellon Foundation. This position will help the city look at how to make the city more biking and walking friendly for recreation and commuting. This Initiative is designed to address traffic, engineering and infrastructure improvements along with the enforcement of traffic laws to encourage and protect walkers and bikers in the city.

Folks, this plan is about implementing an aggressive strategy to look at alternative modes of transportation, providing city-wide events for cycling and walking and education – raising our QUALITY OF LIFE in Pittsburgh!

I was originally asked to be a part of the press conference as a business owner and someone who wants to see more walkers and bikers in my city. But Tazza D’Oro, over the last nine years, has had such a strong influence on biking and walking that Councilman Dowd and the Mayor thought the venue was perfect for their announcement.

So, Monday at 10:30 am could be a little difficult to make, but if you have any flexibility, I say show up – hear the plan, hear the strategy, participate, and help be a part of making huge change for our quality of life in da burgh and let’s celebrate that we are witnessing a new way of thinking! Someone pinch me – Pittsburgh? Biking and Walking Initiative? YEAH!!!

Mayor Ravenstahl and Councilman Dowd you are now official members of the Tazza D’Oro “You are Rad” list. Guys, you should know this list is really hard to make!

Update: Well over 50 people attended the Mayor’s press conference at Tazza D’Oro. It was an amazing day to hear and think about raising our quality of life in Pittsburgh. Councilman Dowd and the Mayor’s initiatives are totally progressive and forward thinking! See video or article.

This is me introducing Mayor Ravenstahl


And the Mayor talking about the plan (Steve Bland, CEO, Port Authority and Scott Bicker, E.D., Bike PGH)



  1. jim bogen

    Good for you!!!!! (and them)
    cheers, jim and deb

  2. Rudy

    Sounds great. Time is tough but I’ll be there if I can. Thanks!

  3. Martha Robbins

    What a great thing for Pittsburgh, Tazza D’Oro, and a tribute to you, Amy, for your vision and action in this area. Sorry I will be out of town for the week and not able to be there!

  4. Linda Hite


    This is great! Thank you and blessings returned a hundredfolf for your effort.

    Since I am at work and cannot be there, would you please ask if we can get officers on bike patrol in the early morning hours. I have to be at work at 7:30 am and would love to walk at 6 but don’t feel safe. Also, as an early riser, weekends walks early in the morning would be great too.


  5. Lucille Prater-Holliday

    Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! I was unable to make the press conference, but I heard it was awesome. Hats off to Amy for her foresight and vision!

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