Panama Esmeralda – Is Ready! Are You?

Written by Amy | 3 Comments


Our first batch of Panama Esmeralda was roasted today and lucky me had the chance to witness the whole roasting process at the Batdorf and Bronson Roastery in Olympia, WA. That is Scott Merle letting me take the 1st sniff of the green coffee minutes after is was loaded into the roaster.


This is the 1st batch of the roasted Panama being dumped into the cooling tray and – a Cup of Gold!


See more pictures – click here.

I will be posting more info later about the day and buying the Esmeralda at Tazza D’Oro beginning Thursday, Aug 7th- gotta go.


  1. mf

    mmmmm…. Early roasting smell of grassy and bready popcorn. yummy!!

  2. RichW

    Amy & Crew – terrific cupping last night. I know you turned a couple of people onto what quality is all about with what the the magic your staff pulled off on the cupping table. Really well done. Sorry for being a few minutes late – the city needs to build a connector between Mt. Lebo and Highland Park ;-)

    Matt (Flick) and I shared some thoughts over on CoffeeGeek about it in the Pittsburgh thread. You even sold me on dosing a little less – John’s got the gram scale out right now and we’re on our third taste comparison! (Not that we’re all in agreement on which is best – the staff is about to learn that we’re not a democracy, lol)