The Pittsburgh/Olympia Exchange Continues This Week

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How lucky are we? Two weeks ago I was at Batdorf and Bronson in Olympia, WA. witnessing the first roasting of our micro-lot of the Panama Esmeralda and tonight Oliver, from Batdorf and Bronson, is in Pittsburgh to conduct our next level of training for the baristas at Tazza D’Oro. All of the trainings we have received from Oliver and the other folks at B&B have been amazing but I am really excited about this one. Over the next couple of days Oliver and I will work with each barista behind the bar as they prepare all the coffee drinks during business hours – this is the tweaking and polishing of all that we do. We have a couple of new employees who will receive their barista certification and then we move on for the big fun.

The Tazza D’Oro baristas will spend most of the day on Wednesday learning about the chemistry and physics behind making exceptional espresso. The goal is to provide all the current info available, build on previous trainings and introduce new skills necessary for our staff to better incorporate their knowledge and technique into the craft of making great coffee. No robots here folks!!!

Tuesday, 8/19, hours: 7 am to 7 pm and Wednesday, 8/20, 7 am to 2 pm and back to normal hours on Thursday.

Oliver, all I’m saying is no espresso hangovers this time. The last time Oliver was here in Oct 2007 we certified all of the Tazza D’Oro baristas. The certification took about 10 hours and Oliver and I tasted well over 100 espresso drinks. I’m not kidding about the espresso hangover either.

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