No Bailing Out Tonight (at least at Tazza D'Oro)

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Yep, we are still watching the Presidential debate tonight at Tazza D’Oro – 9 pm. I hear it’s still a go, but at the very least we could work up some good discussion. A good friend of Tazza D’Oro, Eric, who owns Pittsburgh Custom Home Theater, offered to bring and install one of his big, flat panel TVs.  How very rad is that? This is what I call helping the cause. (BTW, Greg is the guy with all the awesome gadgets, gear and screens – love him!)

Show up, bring your own mind, listen carefully, look around the room, look at your community, look at the issues and not the distractions and then ….

I suspect I will be in the kitchen practicing deep breathing or racing by bike up and down Highland Ave! As always, we will be serving our amazing coffee but NO Kool Aid. Jim, you bringin any Grappa?

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