Serving REAL Coffee – Not Kool Aid!

Written by Amy | 2 Comments

Alright, you guys have broken me down with countless emails, phone calls, stopping me on the street, on my bike, in my car and on and on. Yes, we will televise the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates at Tazza D’Oro.

I’m all for change, especially now. But I would personally like to see the change begin with how we do this election thing. How bout a viable third party? How bout it not taking a gazillion dollars to run for the “most powerful office in the world”. Just think, if both parties donated all their campaign money from the primaries and now the general election we could probably all have health care, re-build New Orleans, re-invest in our economy, infrastructure and businesses and put an end to the freaking war! I say, whoever wants to run we give them a flat $50,000. They travel the country on train (nope, infrastructure is gone) or bus (nope, gas costs too much), commercial airlines (nope, costs too high, not enough flights and they would be late for appearances), TV ($50,000 would last a second). Hey, how about some old school grass roots and community organizing (not hip anymore – just funny, hmm) that would eliminate all the bumper sticker policies, sweeping promises and maybe open up some meaningful discussions about what is important to us and how do we make it happen. I certainly don’t want all the talking heads to put words and ideas in my mouth.  How about you?

First debate is Sept 26th,  so show up, listen carefully and drink the coffee not the kool aid! See what happens when you guys bug me while I’m riding my bike.


  1. ellen

    how about making “baked alaska” to help convince some people that maybe we have something to do with global warming?

  2. Dana


    We still need to meet for coffee…Don’t make me harass you while you are riding your bike :) Dana