African Coffee Cupping,Tuesday Oct 28th

Written by Amy | 3 Comments

We received our shipment of all available 2008 African coffees this morning (Monday) so we will hold a public cupping/tasting of these exquisite coffees on Tuesday, Oct 28th at 7 pm. I know this is late notice, but the coffees are just a couple of days off roast and ready to be tasted and enjoyed.  Recently, in Fresh Cup Mag, Scott Merle, from Batdorf and Bronson, wrote a timely article about expanding our palates – read it here. Emily will lead us through the cupping and after, I will be brewing French Presses of all of these coffees for you to enjoy. Yep, it’s free and your palate will be expanded for sure!

Here’s the menu of coffees:


Ethiopia Natural Harar – Natural Processed: rich and full-bodied with amazing flavors of blueberry and spices

Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Moredocofe- Organic, Rain Forest Alliance Certified: this coffee scored 90 points from the Coffee Review and is a rare, exquisite, washed African coffee displaying flavors of citrus and bergamot

Kenya AA Ruiru Estate – Top Auction Lot, Shade grown: I am loving this coffee! Deep fruit tones of currents and berries and a vibrant wine-like acidity

Kenya Peaberry: a solid and delicious coffee – flavors of bittersweet chocolate and grapefruit dominate

Yemen Mocha: Hands down, freakin delicious coffee – thick chocolaty body with intense flavors of dried fruit, spices and smoky scotch. Perfect for this time of year!


  1. Phil Johnson

    How did it go?

  2. Tazza D'Oro

    Phil- the cupping was awesome and so were the coffees. Emily also set up a calibration table with lots of dried fruits, spices, scotch and some other goodies. It was a great exercise in comparing African coffee along with washed coffees v. natural processed. I will bring you guys a few samples to try.

  3. Phil Johnson

    I’ll swap you out our natural Sidamo.