Just Arrived – More Awesomeness

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We got it all right now… First, Panama Esmeralda is back – the Esmeralda is one of the finest coffees grown in the world and has won every competition this coffee has ever been entered in.  Then, El Salvador Finca Siberia Pacamara – just rated 94 points by the Coffee Review, and Nicaragua Finca Los Milagros and Nicaragua Limoncillo Peaberry Pacamara both Limited Edition Coffees and just down right special.  Oh, and the 2008 Holiday Blend – it will complete your Holiday and make you want to skip the presents!  So however you like it – french press, chemex, or snazzy compostable bag for home or the road- you’ll be sipping some awesomeness.

A few days ago, I read a post written by Heather (read it) at Batdorf and Bronson, talking about the family farms that grow our coffee. The story of the post stuck with me for several days. I went back to read the post again and stumbled upon the comments written by the farmers themselves talking about their passion for growing the coffee and their relationship with Batdorf and Bronson – more awesomeness around the experience of coffee.

Our exceptional quality is no accident.  Today, we had a little internet plug from a guy who writes for a blog called “Faculty Lounge”.  We don’t know this guy, not sure if he has ever been in Tazza D’Oro, but he put Tazza D’Oro on his short list of the “Best Cafes and Coffeehouses in America” along with 21st Coffee and Tea. I am never quite sure how I feel about these lists. But I know that one of ways we define success is how our customers experience us and then pass along the experience. So I say YEEEAAAH, but I also know who “brung Tazza D’Oro to the dance”:  the family farms of the Mierisch Family and Carmen and Rafael Silva, Batdorf and Bronson and P, Tone, EJ, Brady, Megan, Zach, Chase, Face, and Katie of Tazza D’Oro. We will take the plug, and we are right back to work trying to create more awesomeness. Come and get it!

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