Why so quiet, you ask?

Written by Amy | 6 Comments

Yep, I’m still alive and so is the Tazza D’Oro blog.

me-blogging.jpg(me, alive and writing this post)

I know, it’s been quite sometime since my last post. Dudes, I’ve been tending to “business”. Someone said to me today that there can’t be any long breaks from blogging or else you lose your audience. Well, I just took a long break and I am operating off the premise (and cliche’) that distance/absence makes the heart grow fonder! Do you guys really move on that quickly? Out of sight, out of mind? How bout if I treat you all to some Tazza D’Oro tattoos – won’t forget us then if I take another break from blogging – EVER.

New coffees have arrived and news on upcoming events to follow – thanks for being so fond of our blog.


  1. Phil

    I’ll take a tattoo.

  2. jena

    i love the pic Amy. very lovely :) miss you!

  3. Heather

    Hang in there – I know the feeling.

  4. Melanie


    Hi, Amy!! Good to “see” you!

  5. Amy

    Hey there Melanie- wavin back at ya. Hope all is well.