It was all a blur…

Written by Amy | 6 Comments

I feel like I say this every year, but I really mean it – 2008 was the fastest year of my life both personally and professionally.  For Tazza D’Oro we have seen consistent, steady growth and 2008 was completely beyond our goals and expectations – thank you, thank you, thank you. We are so grateful for your loyal business and more importantly how much you get what we trying to accomplish around our passion and commitment to producing an incredible experience and community around coffee.

During December and January, I always spend a considerable amount of time plotting and planning for Tazza D’Oro.  Some of the time I struggle with putting all the information and work around what we have accomplished at Tazza D’Oro into perspective along with the kind of progress have we made in our industry in Pittsburgh. Then this year, my comrade and colleague, Rich from Aldo’s Coffee put together this incredible post – check it out.  Thank you, Rich!

I’m fired up for more and looking forward to 2009. How bout you?

Tazza D’Oro baristas are rad!  You continue to “brung” us to the dance!


  1. Jess

    amy- you’re the best. i wish so much that i had been in highland park more in 2008 for the coffee and the community. miss you and best wishes in 2009.

    jess king

  2. Amy

    Whoa!!! Jessica. Great to here from you and miss you back. Hope all is well

  3. gordon

    To: Taza D’Oro

    What a great cup of coffee! I truly enjoyed the atmosphere and the helpful information provided to me by the guys behind the counter.
    I consider myself kind of a coffee snob. I regularly use a press and I try to buy good coffee to brew. I was really impressed with the Ethiopian AAA (I think that’s what it was called) which your baristas recommended.
    I also learned about the quality of the coffee you sell. I plan to buy a pound within the coming week.
    Kudos to a great homegrown operation. I plan to return, and bring friends.


  4. Amy

    Gordan- Thank you for your great words. I am happy to hear our baristas were helpful. I think they are pretty great too. We carry a Kenya AA and an Ethiopia Harar so I am not sure which coffee you tried. Let me know when you have some time. I would love to sit with you and do a coffee cupping with you.

  5. gordon


    It was definitely the Ethiopian Harar. What’s a coffee cupping? Sounds like something that I would enjoy. I am free Monday afternoons and most evenings.
    I am dying to come back for more of your coffee, and purchase some to have at home. My Christmas gifted coffee is not bad, but it’s a little over roasted–can you guess where it may have come from (ha, ha, ha)?

  6. Amy

    Gordon, A coffee cupping is actually a coffee tasting, but we will use methods to experience aroma (dry and wet ground coffee), and flavor. Beginning next Monday is good for me 1/26 or just email me at: mailto://
    to set a time. The cuppings are really fun and a great way to experience new perspectives on coffees grown in different parts of the world. Looking forward to it!